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Imogen's Total Info

Television Experience

Fiona Vichott in Tripods for BBC TV
Clothilde in May to December for BBC TV
Vanessa Morgan in Coronation Street for BBC TV
Nikki in Casualty for BBC TV
Hannah Preston in Westbeach for BBC TV
Fernanda in Frost in May for BBC TV
Veronica Williams in Ruth Rendall for TVS
Jenny in Good Guys for TVS
Lady Divina in Limestreet for US Television
Imogen has also appeared in Lovejoy, Get Back, Murky Waters and the K.M advert

Theatrical Experience

Iphigenia in Iphigenia at Aulis at the BBC
Regina in Ghosts at the Watermill
Sally in Map of the Heart at the Globe
Macduff's Daughter in Macbeth at the Hazlitt

Film Experience

Lorina Liddel in Dreamchild for Columbia
Tiffany in Hellraiser 2 for EMI
Hayley in Alive & Kicking for the BBC

Radio Experience

Margrett in Sense and Sensibility

Imogen's Hobbies include Swimming, Running, Singing, Riding, Painting and poetry.

_courtesy of TripleA Artists

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