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1.Imogen:n (im-oh-jin):1.enchanting,2.radiant,3.celestial,4.enravishing,5.ethereal,6.heavenly

Talented british actress Imogen Boorman has done it all. From the intensely suspenseful horror of Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 to the futuristic sci-fi epic The Tripods. This sexy 30 year old has been on the critically acclaimed mystery series Lovejoy and various other film,tv and stage roles.
Welcome to this shrine devoted to her absolute beauty and magnetic aura.

Born:Imogen May Pratt Boorman. Pembury, Kent, 13 May 1971
Imogen's Hobbies include Swimming, Running, Singing, Riding, Painting, Poetry and Skiing!

Update! September 24, 2008.

Wow, i am the creator of this page and i'm surprised that it's still here. I went by the online handle "Clayfreak" for years 1997-2002. I abandoned this page because of real life obligations and because it became impossible to find any new Imogen Boorman pictures or information. Sadly recent Google searches prove that nothing has changed..shame. Also as you may have noticed the email listed on this page isn't valid anymore. I left Webtv years ago..thankfully..and the spambots that harvest the web for email addresses were sending hundreds of spam emails to the listed address daily. In case you were i'm not Imogen, I've never met her or even spoken to her ever. I just enjoyed her performance in Hellraiser 2 very much and was shocked to learn that there were no other sites devoted to Imogen. I was a web newbie then in my early twenties ( i 'm Imogen's age now :-) so please excuse the amateurish layout of this site and the horrible filenames. But as long as this site still exists and people still come here then i am happy. Sorry i can't provide you guys with any news about Imogen Boorman but quite frankly i don't know anything about her either. I have hope that she can still get that big break in her career and we can all say "Hey i know who she is". Anything is possible.But anyways thanks for coming and enjoy the pictures and what little information i could scrounge up. Peace and light,

signed, Clayfreak aka Cwatson71. You can contact me at Cwatson71 at Google's email service(just trying to make it harder for the spammers). P.S. If you contact me put Imogen in the subject line or i may think it's spam.


Current recent pictures of Imogen.
If anyone has any 2002 pictures of the lovely Imogen please email them to me and i will post them here. Thanks.

Hello everybody. I guess the holidays are as good a time as any for a few new updates. about a few new pics.

[pic #1] and [pic #2]

These are from and Imogen's character is "Nikki Wyatt".
I'll put these in the gallery also when i get time.

12-29-01..MORE NEW UPDATES!!
Hello again all. I've recently been in contact with someone close to Imogen. He priviledged us with this:

LEVITHIAN1 wrote: ..."I thought it might be of some interest that Imogen bought a cat and frequents a certain coffeehouse overseas,she drinks café mocha and she paints. Her new favorite book is an obscure title called "Demon Love", She also likes "Dante's Inferno" and Miltons' "Paradise Lost",as well as the writings of a mr HP Lovecraft"...

What about Imogen's future movie plans?:
"She's reading a script for a horror film, supposedly the movie will be shot in new england, but this is unsubstantiated."

So there, A little bit more info about our favorite star.
Thanks Imogen for allowing us a treasured and much appreciated peek into your private and beautiful life and we wish you a continued bountiful career. Please share anytime.

Thanks to Levithian and Nightdecker for the info and pics respectively. Also thanks to all of the kind emails from fellow fans out there. I may not always be able to quickly respond as i am busy living and working but be assured that i appreciate all comments emailed. And if anybody has recent pictures of Imogen please send 'em:-)
Peace and Light.

..more updates coming soon!..
Rest assured that i am constantly on the lookout for any news and will inform you if I learn anything.

If you have pics of Imogen or news about her upcoming film,tv,or stage roles that you'd like to share,please do.

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