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Twisted Movie Reviews

Red Planet-This movies falls directly above Highlander:Endgame as the most boring pointless movie that i've seen this year. Even Mission To Mars was a better movie, and that's saying something because MTM sucked hard. Val Kilmer kicked ass as Doc Holiday in Tombstone, and as Jim Morrison in The Doors. Unfortunately He hasn't made a decent movie since. I won't even get started on that ever reviled horrible,demonizing,gayfest Batman Forever.

Red Planet starts off with some pretty spectacular special effects then clunks to a screeching halt faster than a 1988 Yugo.

Carrie-Ann Moss looks sexy as ever but even her tight fitting clothing and an obligatory shower scene couldn't save this movie. Tom Sizemore and Terrence Stamp,two of my favorite actors, look almost embarrassed to be in this stinker and i don't blame them. Terrence Stamp is killed off fairly quickly and Tom Sizemore dies too, leaving our "hero" (cough!) Val to save the day. Theres also a few other actors in this movie but they might as well be wearing red shirts like in Star Trek because we know that they are fodder who are going to die very soon,and they do.

All in all,this movie was a waste of time and money.