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When Larry and Julia Cotton and daughter Kirsty move into an old family home,little to they realise the terrors that await them.

When Larry is injured in the basement,his spilled blood resurrects the horrific shadow of his evil brother Frank - who explains how,by solving a Chinese puzzle box called the Lament Configuration , he summoned spirits from the Outer Darkness.

His motive was the promise of untold physical sensuality,but these spirits,Cenobites,brought untold pain as well.

The Cenobites -,demons to some,angels to others,lead by the nightmarish dark pope of hell, "Pinhead", are not prepared to let Frank escape their grasp so easily,and with Kirsty's help,prepare for a final showdown with the murderous Frank and Julia.

My Review-Hellraiser was,without a doubt,the most original horror movie to date.The dark creepy tone and seamless storyline make it a must see.

Doug Bradley's performance as Pinhead is forever memorable and nightmare inducing, and has inspired a large fanbase worldwide.-Clay

Hellbound: Hellraiser 2-
For Kirsty Cotton,the nightmares never end. Awakening as a patient at the Channard Institute - a psychiatric hospital for the mentally disturbed - she recalls discovering the skinned corpse of her father and eluding the perverse pleasures of the Cenobites.

Behind his veneer of cool proficiency, Doctor Channard conceals deep and dark secrets. With the information he learns from Kirsty, Channard has the blood-stained mattress that Julia died delivered to his home.

He has spent a lifetime collecting to secrets of the Lament Configuration puzzle box, and is now prepared to go to any lengths to unlock the portals that lead into the Outer Darkness. Using the blood of one of his more deeply disturbed patients, Channard succeeds in releasing Julia's flayed spirit from the mattress.

In return for supplying innocent victims on which to feed and restore her flesh, Julia will reveal to him the awesome powers which exist beyond time and space.

Meanwhile,a vision of her skinned father tormented in hell manifests itself in Kirsty's hospital room, entreating her to help him. Along with another patient, the enigmatic Tiffany,who never speaks but is adept at solving puzzles, Kirsty ventures beyond the limits into Stygian corridors in an attempt to rescue her father from his eternal torment.

Her quest wlll once again set her against the dark desires of Pinhead and other Cenobites, and force her to confront the grand powers and their master: Leviathan - the Lord of Hell's Labyrinths...

My Review-Hellbound:Hellraiser 2 is,in my humble opinion, the best horror movie of all time.Rarely ever has a sequel surpassed it's prequel before.
Director Tony Randel does a masterful job guiding the viewer through Hell's corridors.

The lighting, mood and character development of Hellbound raised the horror genre from the B-movie cheap shlockish tripe to true viewing entertainment.

A+ performances from the lovely Ashley Laurence as Kirsty, Doug Bradley as Pinhead as well as Kenneth Cranham and Claire Higgins.
Talented actress Imogen Boorman delivers an oscar-worthy performance as Tiffany- the mute master puzzle solver.

The musical score by Christopher Young is hauntingly entrancing as well.This movie is a must see for all horror buffs-Clay

Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth -The marbled features of Pinhead are amongst the writhing figures and distorted faces etched into the surface of an intricately carved pillar bought by rich and spoiled nightclub owner J.P. Monroe.

When Joey Summerskill, a young and ambitious television reporter, witnesses the bizzare death of a young man torn apart by chains in a hospital emergency room, she discovers from the man's trendy girlriend, Terri,that the chains emerged from a puzzle box that the young man stole from the pillar displayed at J.P's club.

When J.P. accidentally spills a few drops of blood on the pillar. He releases the imprisoned Pinhead, who is free to walk the earth again in an orgy of blood and desire.

Pinhead creates an army of new Cenobites from the transmutated flesh of his victims to reclaim the Lament Configuration puzzle box and set himself free from the powers of Hell forever.

Joey and Terri learn about the demonic Cenobites and the power of the Lament Configuration box, the only means of sending Pinhead back into the Outer Darkness.

My Review-Hellraiser 3:Hell on Earth.Being a true Hellraiser fan, i was kind of disappointed by the mainstream by-the-numbers way that Hellraiser 3 was.Nothing really new or memorable except for Pinhead's lines which are quite good.

The dark atmosphere is missing and replaced by Hollywood glitter. Without Tony Randel at the helm as director this movie flopped badly.

While Hellraiser 3 is fun to watch especially on Halloween.There's really nothing here to merit close attention.

Hellraiser IV: Bloodline -Spanning three generations, this horrifying story chronicles the struggle of one family who unknowingly created the puzzle box that opened the doors of Hell - setting the diabolical Pinhead free to spead evil here on earth.

My Review-Hellraiser 4:Bloodlines.

ZZZZ-zzzzzz,someone please wake me when this incredibly boring movie is over.
The only saving grace of Bloodlines is Doug Bradley's Performance as Pinhead and Valentina Vargas as Angelina, an unusually beautiful demon Cenobite plotting domination of Hell and Earth.

Worth a watch once,maybe on Halloween, but don't expect too much here.The plot of Hellraiser 4:Bloodlines was good enough,but after this movie left the cutting room floor, all that was left was a shredded and empty shell of a movie.
Let's hope for a director's cut oneday soon.-Clay

Hellraiser: Inferno -The powerful story of a shady L.A. detective (Craig Sheffer) who finds himself lost in a darkly nightmarish world of evil when he solves the mysterious puzzle box that releases the diabolical demon Pinhead! As those around him begin to meet tragic fates, he sets out the conquer the horrifying Pinhead and escape eternal hell! Also starring Nicholas Turturro.
My Review- Hellraiser: Inferno

Beyond my wildest expectations! After reading mucho bad press about H:I and hearing that it was coming straight to video. I, quite frankly, didn't have high hopes for "Hellraiser 5". So it surprises the hell out of me that i loved this movie so much! No movie today is truly original and H:I is no exception. But in combining elements of Se7en,The Cell, Jacob's Ladder and Hellraiser itself, what we have here is a serious mind trip that was the best movie i've seen in quite some time. I enjoyed this flick more than Hellraiser 3 and 4!

Hellraiser: Inferno begins with a completely new soundtrack that is different,creepy and I LOVE IT! I must have this new soundtrack on CD, it's kind of a technoirish trance that fits perfectly. I'm so glad that they didn't try to rip off Christopher Young's stuff like Hellraiser:Bloodlines did. This one follows a unique pov of a crooked detective who finds the Lament Configuration at a crime scene, steals it and then solves it. Bad mistake!

We get to meet the Engineer from a whole different and refreshing angle. The dark pope of hell, Pinhead is back and badder than ever. The new cenobites are absolutely magnificent. Forget about the laughably bad trendy CD tossing,videocamera face cenobites of old. These new ones are downright creepy! Mr Badass himself, The Chatterer, is back but for some reason he's only an upper torso, Guess the Engineer "worked" on him some more.

After watching H:I this movie bounced around in my head disturbingly for a few days afterwards. This has only happened a few other times like when i watched Se7en, The Cell, Fight Club, Hellbound:Hellraiser 2 for the first times respectively. In ending, I would have paid to see this movie on the big screen as it was a better film than most movies this year!

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